Conflict Management Program

A conflict Management resolution Training program is the ability to recognize and handle struggles in a fair and efficient way. Wherever there are people, there will always be conflict. Managers have to face struggles in the workplace every day. Conflicts are part of a general, and even healthy, relationship.

Conflict Management Training programThere can not be two people Hope to agree on everything at all times.  Since relationship conflicts are indispensable, learn It is important to deal with them in a healthy way. When conflicts are managed, it damages relationships But when it is handled in a respectful and positive way; the conflict provides one Development opportunity.  finally strengthening the bond between two people.  Learner, You can keep your personal and professional skills necessary for successful conflict resolution training Relationships are strong and growing.

What is conflict resolution training?

Conflict Management Training is a program that teaches people how to handle workplace conflict creatively. It is focused on the participants to manage the struggle, deal with emotions and increase the ability to use best practices of rigorous practice.

Conflict is the result of people with different needs, ideas, and expectations. The reality of conflict is that it is indispensable in any human relationship. The most important thing is that if well fought, then provides a powerful avenue for important development. Therefore, developing a good conflict solution technology for career development and organizational development is very important and necessary. The importance of this skill has made us mandatory to add training programs to our suite.

It involves identifying and managing various conflict management styles. It is an essential part of emotional intelligence and nurturing relationships. Conflicts that can be affected by both the employees and the customers, can affect the lower line of the company. To maintain your competitive advantage, you need the entire organization to focus on the development of excellent conflict solution techniques to solve the conflict quickly and effectively when making trust and commitment with customers and colleagues.

This program organized by the Indus Management Consultant Pvt. Ltd. Helps to create a common understanding and structure to work through challenging conflict situations. After the research, we have decided to focus on the Win-Win approach using the three critical skills of dispute resolution, firmness, and determination. These skills will enable participants to develop strategies to prevent, prevent, and prevent conflicts and resolutions.

Healthy and unhealthy ways of managing and resolving conflict management

Conflict triggers strong emotions and can hurt feelings, frustrations, and inconvenience. If handled in an unhealthy manner, it can be an irreversible rift, dissatisfaction, and breakdown. But when the conflict is resolved in a healthy way, then it enhances our understanding Second, trust builds, and our relationship strengthens bondage.

The feature of unhealthy response to conflict  is:
  • Inability to recognize and answer the very important matters of the other person
  • Explosive, angry, harmful, and upset responses
  • The return of love, the resulting rejection, isolation, shame, and fear abandonment
  • Expecting bad results
  • Fear of fear and protection via conflict management.
The feature of a healthy response to conflict  is:
  • Ability to identify and answer important Matters
  • Forgiveness and forgiveness
  • Ability to compromise and avoid penalties
  • There is a belief that the resolution can support the interests and needs of both sides

Conflict management resolution is one of the five key skills of emotional intelligence
The Five Skills of Emotional Intelligence

  1. Quick Stress Relief
  2. Emotional Awareness
  3. Nonverbal Communication
  4. Playful Communication
  5. conflict resolution training