Our problem-solving training program is an important element in corporate training. This program focuses on problem-solving techniques that help in analyzing, structuring, and solving business issues.

Problem-solving training provided by Indus Management Consultants to help companies implement the framework of problem-solving methods in single departments or enterprises. Indus management consultants provide problem-solving solutions, from operations to IT to customer and technical support and in the human resources field.

The process of solving this problem focuses on the use of experience, creativity, and intuition to make the right decision. Employees will learn to make more decisive, confident, creative, and tap the skills of others to get results.

What is problem-solving training?

Problem-solving training enables individuals to learn a set of tools and practices that enable them to diagnose and solve problems effectively in the workplace.

Being able to use problem-solving techniques in a creative way is an important part of the business because it is an integral part of managing challenges. There are people who are part of everyday business and who influence long-term strategic direction. In whatever form they may be born; one thing is certain, troubleshooting should be dealt with at the root cause level. Developing effective problem-solving skills to learn successful businesses and how to see and address problems.

Problem Solving Training Program, operated by Indus Management Consultant Pvt. Ltd. emphasis has been placed on problem-solving techniques that address the root causes of the problems and avoid looking for temporary or ‘band-aid solutions which work only in short-term.

Why “the problem is being solved for employees” Case:

  • Employees should recognize the importance of those who solve good problems.
  • Understanding the positive impact of employee problem-solving increases workplace productivity.
  • Identifying basic steps in the problem-solving process helps employees to manage problems efficiently when they arise.
  • Using the effective problem-solving technique on the job retains problems by reprocessing.

Key Points:

  • Problem-solving is an important part of any job.
  • The skill with which employees get solutions to problems has a direct effect on professional effectiveness.
  • It helps employees, colleagues, and others to take advantage of input.
  • By implementing a step-by-step approach and various proven problem-solving techniques, employees can solve almost any problem.

Problem Solving Techniques

The problem-solving program focuses on the following techniques:

  1. Brainstorming
  2. Pareto Analysis
  3. SWOT Analysis
  4. Problem Re-statement Technique

Today all organizations are in the business of troubleshooting and decision-making. The biggest challenge lies in the continuous evaluation of solutions to problems. Therefore problem-solving training is a core program in our leadership courses organized by Indus Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd. It offers an effective approach to problem-solving techniques and skills. We tried earlier and tested this with a combination of standard techniques, as well as innovative ways we are gathering through our experience. All these techniques have proved to be successful in the production of efficiency and productivity improvement.

Through the use of activities and business matters, in addition to other methods, our problem-solving training will play an important role in the continuing success of your organization’s manpower development. The participants will return to the workplace with the knowledge and tools to deal with problems and decisions they are facing.