Our change management training program is an integral part of our executive coaching and leadership training. In this program, we teach you the necessary change management tools and techniques.

What is change management training?

Changes Management Training is a session aimed at providing skills to change the mindset of the people so that they can become active towards change and convert obstacles into opportunities. This is an important skill for employees, managers, and leaders because it is a fast-changing market. Management training is important in today’s professional world because organizational changes are standard rather than exceptions. With an ever-changing market, leadership development programs are important because the quality of managers can determine the fate of an organization. So today, big companies give very much attention and emphasis on successfully crafting and measuring management development training.

More than ever, work roles and organization are in flow with the change in structure, re-deployment, unnecessary and personal crisis. Therefore, it is important to understand the change management process to help lead development.

What is Change Management?

The change takes place at three levels:

  1. Individual
  2. Team
  3. Organization

Organizational change management is to be at all three interpersonal levels. Our Change Management Training Participants have been prepared to equip various management aspects, which should be considered in the change management process. In order to start and maintain change processes, it helps managers, consultants, and other change facilitators to fulfill their mission.

Management Development Training

As part of corporate training, Sindhu Management Consultant Pvt. Ltd. Organizational change provides a place for the management to explore constructively. Along with all of our programs, we work with you in advance, during and after the course. This ensures that our programs are formally designed to meet your needs. Therefore, where change is concerned, we aim to understand:

  1. Where were you last year
  2. Where are you today
  3. where your project you will be next year

We also understand from our assessment where the gap is – that is, where management wants to be people and where they are today – and focus on those areas during the training program. Change management can be an executive subject, or a component module of executive training can be in our executive management training. The emphasis in the change management training program organized by Indus Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd. will be on the following areas:

  1. Learning the fundamental principles that manage change
  2. Managing aspects of people’s change by focusing on the affected key areas during this process:
  • Awareness
  • Motivation
  • Knowledge
  • Competence
  • Reinforcement
  1. Construction of structural framework for managing change by effective development:
  • Communication plans
  • Coaching Plans
  • Resistance Management Plans
  • Training plans