Business Presentations and Business Coaching for Presentation Skills are our signature training programs in Leadership Training and Soft Skills Training. Late executive coaching and business coaching also emphasize these skills.

What is presentation coaching?

Presentation Coaching is a form of personal training where the focus is on enabling the coach to improve their skills in the areas of presentation structure, Design, and delivery. An initial study is conducted at the present skill level of the coach. On which a customized improvement plan has been made and implemented under the guidance of the coach.

Why did Gandhi not make an influential presenter his ideological abilities, but what was his ability to connect with the people? They traveled extensively, understood the issues facing the public, and then presented viable solutions when addressing the people. The important aspect to create an impact was the emotional component. Often a presentation in the business world is considered as an opportunity to present facts, but it does not engage with the audience. It is important to add the relevance of the facts in the life of the audience. The most important question of inquiry to the audience is that, “What’s in it for me?” You should answer this question briefly through delivery.

Business Coaching on Presentation Skills

Our business starts well on presentation skills before the creation of a coaching presentation. Here are our presentation training areas:

  1. Understanding the purpose
  2. Understanding the Viewer’s Profile
  3. Establishment of duration
  4. Decide the flow of content for the effect of maximum listeners
  • Correct use of graphics, fonts, and animations
  • Use video when appropriate
  1. Being an Impressive Presentation
  • After being a suitable body and powerful body language
  • Use liberal questions
  • Engage the audience whenever possible
  • Overcoming nervousness
  1. Engage a distracted audience
  2. Handling audience questions

The two services we offer under presentation skills coaching are:

Coaching: Our coaching period is 6 months – twice a month for the first 3 months, twice a month, and then in the next 3 months. When the coach presents, there is a coach with the coach, and the reaction is given immediately after the incident. When this is not possible, the presentation is recorded and feedback is given using the playback.

Creation of PowerPoint Presentations for Executives: We will prepare and create the presentation on the basis of objective, topic, and audience profile.