Our voice and accent training accents focus on neutrality. Accent Training focuses on participating participants to help their international clients understand more easily. Accent training provided by Indus Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Participants makes a significant difference in the clarity and understanding of communication. English accent training BPO training, the direct impact of globalization has special significance.

What is accent neutralization training?

Accent neutrality training is a dutiful approach to imposing a neutral English accent. This process involves learning the acoustics of any language or dialect. It is also known as pronunciation modification, decisiveness, or lack of pronunciation or voice and pronunciation training.

Outsourcing is generally defined as the transfer of components or large parts of external resources of an organization’s internal infrastructure, employees, processes, or applications. The trend is towards outsourcing to countries where this work can be done at a lower cost to the company. Due to the wealth of highly educated English speakers, India has enjoyed the benefits of outsourcing. However, the original effect on pronunciation has interfered with understanding to a certain degree. Accent neutrality training helps in increasing this aspect of communication which in turn affects customer service positively.

This program, in which participants learn the voice and accent, focuses on eliminating the effect of mother tongue and developing a neutral English accent. The effectiveness of the program lies in the systematic approach to training. The emphasis is on phonetics and international, which are two major areas that affect pronunciation. Languages are further understood after the participants go through our English language training.

Accent Neutralization Training

Some important components of the voice and accent training workshop organized by Indus Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Have been listed below.

  • Phonetics / neutral voice and accent / accent
  • Speech mechanism/mouth and face rest exercises
  • Sound sounds/dishes sound sounds
  • Strains and letters stress/word stress
  • sentence stress in English
  • Ideas group and stop
  • Program-specific word drill with sentence
  • Articulation exercise / reading route