The important aspects of phone etiquette involved in our telephone etiquette and soft skills training have a major impact on customers. The displayed business in organizations is a sign of the desire of the telephone etiquette staff and the ability to help customers efficiently – both internal and external. The skills and perspectives presented on the telephone make a permanent customer in the minds of an organization’s customers, which makes it an important customer ‘touch point’ – an important aspect of customer service training. Communication skills also play a big role in telephone etiquette.

What is telephone etiquette training?

Telephone etiquette training provides the necessary skills for productive and effective interaction. It is important for any company to communicate effectively through a phone, which depends on customer service to increase sales or to maintain its customer base.

For the support of efficient information exchange, it is important for the staff to have a good understanding of professional telephone etiquette. This is because virtual teams are nowadays rather than exceptions, and one of their primary channels of communication is the telephone.

Telephone Etiquette Training

Hence telephone etiquette training program conducted by Indus Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Aims to cover all aspects that make telemarketing training successful. We help employees create lasting effects in the mind of their customers – which reflect the organization in the best light. It focuses on developing telephonic skills to deal with customers with the care, emotional, caring sense, and positive attitude of customers. Below are some important components of the telephone etiquette workshop:

  • Ways to make a good first impression.
  • Effective call handling
  • Major steps of outbound / inbound calls
  • Hold the process
  • off-air
  • Using the right voice of voice
  • Tips for good telephone etiquette
  • Avoid prohibited phrases
  • Physical language on the telephone
  • Tele-conferencing skills