Email Etiquette Training and Communication Training organized by Indus Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Effective Business Writing and Business Email teaches the rules established for etiquette.

What is email etiquette training?

E-mail etiquette training focuses on helping participants to understand the best global practices of e-mail while avoiding errors, which can negatively impact readers. With large-scale communication through email, it is essential that each company installs specific business email writing protocols. The general rules for writing business emails are well established; therefore, the effectiveness of communication can increase significantly without much effort by adhering to it. Therefore Email Etiquette Training plays an important role in our Managerial Training programs.

Many companies send late email replies or not at all, or send answers that do not really answer the questions asked. If your employees have the skills to write a professional email that are professional, then it will contribute significantly to giving you a competitive edge. Apart from educating employees that what can be said in the email and cannot be said, you can save your company from disturbing customers and strange liability issues.

Effective business email writing has proven a direct impact on productivity. A Pitney Bowes study concludes that the average office worker sends and receives on a daily basis: 36 email messages; 52 phone messages; 36 pieces of old-style regular mail; 14 fax; and eight pager messages. Many of these forms of communication were not available even a few years ago. Technology is progressing so fast that we can do whatever we can to maintain the latest gadgets. By employees need to use appropriate, businesslike language in all electronic communications, employers can limit their liability risk and can improve the overall effectiveness of the organization’s e-mail and Internet copy in the process.

– Excerpt from ‘Write Effective Email’ by Nancy Flynn and Tom Flynn

Listed below are some important components of the email writing program organized by Indus Management Consultant Pvt. Ltd.

Business Email Etiquette

  1. General Etiquette
  2. Send effective messages
  3. Forms and vowels of messages
  4. Reply to Messages
  5. Organizing Messages
  6. Replying and forwarding messages

Business Writing

  1. Powerful techniques to effectively write targeted audiences
  2. Construction of someone’s writing
  3. Write clearly and briefly
  4. Addressing the needs of the audience