Assertiveness Training is one of the major aspects of our communication training it enhances interpersonal skills; therefore it plays an important role in our management development training.

What is assertiveness training?

Assertiveness training is a part of behavioral training aimed at empowering people. This is a reaction that maintains a fair balance between aggression and humility.

What is communication without assertiveness? Assertiveness At the same time it is defined as the ability to stand up for itself without being too harsh or aggressive. Those who use vigorous behavior face problems, disagreements, or personal inconveniences, and their intention is infallible for others. Assertiveness is the method of behavior that ensures that you get the attention and respect that you deserve from other people.

Our training on assertiveness has proven to be a significant increase in capacity in the fields of assertive communication, Impact, and conflict resolution. Focus is on real-life problems and challenges a face in the workplace.  The dramatic results experienced by our participants have led to the management of Indus Management Consultant Pvt. Ltd. To make it an important part of all our personality development courses. Participants will understand that how to increase their effectiveness in fulfilling things while avoiding the creation of positive working relationships and avoiding aggressive or polite behavior patterns.

Assertiveness skills

  1. The areas of emphasis in our assertiveness training are listed below:
  2. Understanding Assertiveness
  3. Understanding how it benefits workplace communication
  4. Getting the skills of strong communication
  5. Using Transaction Analysis to strongly communicate
  6. Dealing with aggressive and subdued behavior
  7. The art of saying ‘No’
  8. Skills of Perseverance – A Primary Skills for Successful Conversation

Assertiveness Training Workshop Outline

This assertiveness skills course is designed to help people recognize the patterns of their thoughts and behavior that they feel deprived of, emphasized, troubled, and availed. This will help you to learn to say effectively.

The program is about finding and identifying these behavior patterns. We look to increase the choice of feedback available when under pressure and thus enable people to make small changes. We also take time to see all those things which are already working for the person. We look at real-life situations where these small changes can be made to make a big impact and set new patterns that are more helpful for the person.

Benefits for Participants:

  1. Understand why you feel frustrated
  2. Change yourself to change others
  3. The smallest chance for the biggest impact
  4. There is no right way
  5. Setting clear boundaries
  6. Take things forward
  7. Use already works
  8. To know that you have something else to try
  9. Working Experiences with Real Conditions

Training Topics:

  1. What is perseverance?
  2. Perseverance and Concepts
  3. Perseverance and position
  4. Conflict and Perseverance
  5. Persistence – Clearing Boundaries
  6. Art of Fighting ‘No’ and Other Aspiration Tools
  7. Strengthens communication skills:
  • Persuasion
  • Negotiation


  • Deep impression
  • Use others to celebrate
  • Sympathy
  • Management of emotions


  • Types of negotiations
  • Negotiation stages
  • Negotiation skills
  • Dealing with ‘Aggressive’ and ‘Submissive’ behavior


  1. PowerPoint Presentation
  2. Role Plays
  3. Games and Group Activities