We are a corporate training company that creates animated explainer videos to promote your business and help brands communicate with customers and explain complex ideas of their services and products in an easy and fun way.

We create animated videos for brands: explainer videos, cartoons, character animations, video infographics, 2D graphics and animation. We also develop original ideas, write scripts and create storyboards.

Abundant information is shared daily across all platforms on the internet and videos are one of the most consumed contents of all time. Videos are the most engaging content. It gives people a real-life picture of the subject and can be universally understood by all. Apart from being entertaining and engaging, the videos are also very accessible to all. Facebook video statistics show that more than 500 million people watch online videos on Facebook’s platform every day. That’s half a billion people! The number of videos we consume daily is huge. From reels, vlogging to podcasts, tutorial videos, and explainer videos. We are just crazy about videos. And that’s why introducing your new concept through video makes such a huge impact. This makes knowledge of your product more accessible to the user. And the explainer videos are the best at it.

What is an

An explainer video is a short video that explains a product, service, or business in a simple, engaging, and engaging way, using clear and concise language. it summarizes your product or service by making it attractive and compelling to the user.

Customers start their shopping journey after watching a video about the product.
Customers think demo videos are useful and best help them understand product or service features.
Marketers are sure that an explanatory video helped their users to get a better understanding of a product or service.
Users state that they are more likely to buy something after watching an explainer video about it.

It is essential that explainer videos be informative, educational as well as entertaining, and engaging. It explains how the product or service can help customers with their problems and how your product will be the most efficient choice in the market.

Demo videos are so versatile. It explains to consumers the essence of the idea of the product and its potential benefits for them. Each type of explanatory video answers specific user questions, the more likely your answer is to buy. And only 20% of people like to read and a major 80% like to watch videos.

Although there are many ways to go about explainer videos, there are three types.

1 animated explainer videos

Animated explainer videos with the help of animated characters to illustrate complex ideas in a very simple and easy way to help people not to get overwhelmed by all the information while being amusing at the same time. It takes away a lot of the heavy work involving multiple people and with a wonderful company like ours, you can get high-quality animated videos more easily.

2 whiteboard explainer videos

Whiteboard video is a specific type of animated video in which animated graphics are drawn by hand on a whiteboard-like background. Like most other videos, it often includes a voice-over narrator who complements the scenes and explains the main ideas of the piece. Whiteboard explainer videos can be used for many purposes as it is an excellent means of simplifying complex information.

3 live-action explainer videos

Live-action explainer videos feature real people explaining their problems in real-time. It is one of the best ways to introduce a new product or service because people resonate more with a living being. It shows genuine human emotions to which other people feel more related.

Explanatory videos are great pieces of content. Our brain craves visual information and gives it to us immediately without showering us with unnecessary information. Animated video allows you to stand out among the information chaos. One of the things that make a huge impact on viewers is that not only can we integrate tons of adorable images and characters into our videos, but we can also insert text. This greatly improves our viewers’ chances of understanding the basic concept of the video.

When thinking about creating an explainer video for your business, remember the following 5 benefits:


  1. People love video

Visual content helps to reconnect people’s minds. The human mind has an amazing ability to reconnect with itself to give room for new concepts. Our brain likes to rewire itself. We like to try new things all the time. Our brain creates new neurons every time we encounter a new concept and explanatory videos captivate people with it. We can store information and then use the latest information related to existing data, and this cycle goes on. This creates a well-structured path for the audience to gain a deep insight into the concept and be thrilled to see the action taken. 


  1. Saves time

The typical sweet spot for animated explainer videos is usually around the ’90s, which makes them very clear and straightforward. It is enough to provide information about your product without lengthening it. No one wants to see a long and bulky module that is difficult to understand.


  1. Attention-grabbing

Explainer videos have the right triggers to grab attention. Humans have an attention span of eight seconds and we are easily drawn to speed, novelty, error, and ambiguity. Novelty attracts our brain the most. A stunning new explainer video with an amazing new script will grab people’s attention..


  1. Focused on the target audience

Explainer videos are specifically targeted to the audience with specific problems to be relevant to the people. Focussing on the right audience is the key. You have to know what kind of content they will feel relatable that’s how you build the story around your product.


  1. Build brand awareness

One of the most important things is that it increases your brand awareness. Explanatory videos make your brand name more relevant to people. It builds trust between you and the consumer which is one of the most important things because you want to bring your customer back to the same product and trust helps the most.

So now that we know how essential an explainer video is for a brand, you might want to get your hands on it too. you are on the right page. Indus will provide you amazing training modules with great explainer videos to help you in your corporate training. We offer you personalized customized explainer videos Somehow our brand has a explainer video as well. Hope this will give you a better vision.