The age of disruption is a time of uncertainty. Tremendous changes could take a toll on employees sense of motivation and security. To show that you are a part of the solution, not a part of the problem, is crucial in team management. “Great leaders know that managing uncertainty is a matter of putting themselves in the shoes of their employees and delivering the compassionate leadership they expect.” – Glenn Llopis, Forbes With the right directional support, employees will have the courage to step out of their boxes and throw ideas that wouldn’t emerge otherwise. It’s important that you ensure everyone is on the same page to achieve the organizational vision through a collaborative culture. At the same time, allow your employees to take ownership of their work, which will enable a greater sense of purpose while guiding them to stay resilient in times of uncertainties. Remember, you are the steering wheel of your own ship. At uncertain times, your team needs a compass to move towards the right destination. “Leadership is about redefining the disruption.” This means, disruption will enable leaders to consider two options to adopt the disruption, and take advantage of its challenges; or pivot the disruption. The bottom-line is, lead through this change. Don’t let this change lead you.