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Online training and online coaching offer organizations an attractive and convenient choice. Our online corporate training program offers employees the skills to learn online skills, thus classrooms complement the sessions.

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Benefits of Online Training Program

  1. Raised ROI on Training and Development
  2. High Student Finale Rate of 96%
  3. It’s exciting, exciting, and collaborative
  4. Increasing competencies without spending time and productivity
  5. Smaller sessions result in more absorption and retention
  6. Reduces the cost of travel because it can be avoided from any location
  7. The only requirements are computers, internet access, and headphones.
  8. Real-time interactions with the trainer

Digital Solutions
Benefits of Online Coaching

  1. Participate from any location
  2. Provides confidentiality
  3. Flexible time
  4. Live Interaction with Coach
  5. One on one session which is more cost-effective than face-to-face coaching sessions
  6. Ends the cost of travel
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Our Online Training Programs

Leadership In A Disrupted World

By S Y Siddiqui & Mukesh Khetarpal

Dhakad Creativity

By Sriram Raghavan & Mukesh khetarpal

Dhakad "TTT" (Train The Trainer)

By -Amarjit Singh & Mukesh Khetarpal

Dhakad Entrepreneurship

By Arun Datta & Mukesh Khetarpal

Dhakad Khiladi

By Charu Sharma & Mukesh Khetarpal

Learn Emotional Intelligence

By Puru & Mukesh Khetarpal

Dhakad Sales Champion

BY RL Rajah & Mukesh Khetarpal

Learn Leadership Motivational skills

By Maj Gen GD Bakshi & Mukesh Khetarpal

Learn How To Build Brands

By Pradeep Gidwani & Mukesh Khetarpal

Dhakad Presentation

By -Renu Mattooo & Mukesh Khetarpal

Dhakad Leadership

By Padmini Misra & Mukesh Khetarpal....

Geeting to the top Phataa Phat

By Amarjit Singh & Mukesh Khetarpal